Joey, Faith, and Music

My son Joey had dreams of making good music and being a fast rapper. He’s never taken music lessons, or learned to sing or play an instrument, but he loves music. He loves singing, and rapping. He can do it all day – literally.

Despite many other challenges, he kept setting high goals for himself. Quite frankly, I always thought that he was tackling more than he could ever handle. To my biggest surprise, with a very heavy load on his graduation year, he decided that he wanted to launch his first mixed-tape with … 28 songs. I felt like he was provoking  his father and I to madness. But no. First quarter, Joey brought home a 2.86 GPA. We were stunned. Very happy, but also stunned. With all the time he spends writing songs and making videos, we couldn’t believe his grades would be good.

In the days leading to his set goal, while I was growing impatient with him because he was spending so much time going to the studio, the Holy Spirit started nudging me with whispers. “Babeth, look at faith”. At first, I ignored the prompting. It wouldn’t make sense to let him spend time at the studio when he has so much school work! But, the Spirit nudged at me again a few days later: “faith does not reason.” I stopped arguing with Joey, and started observing his attitude. He believed against all odds: he scheduled studio time wherever possible, he went to the studio every day after school; he worked late hours. He rejected all contrary ideas presented to him; he didn’t care about being approved by us — family. He believed against all odds.

On Sunday, January 18, Joey pushed the publish button on and released his first album: “Fast Kid Rapper” with 22 tracks! This is when I realized that there was a lesson for me to learn. Joey lacked the “qualifications” or “capacities” that we would normally expect see in order to believe that his goal was possible. His goal was not reasonably achievable, but he pressed on and worked so hard at it despite obstacles.

With this first album, Joey’s closer to his dreams than before. So the Spirit brought this verse to my mind, to help me make the connection with how faith is supposed to work.

And not being weak in faith, [Abraham] he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God ~ Rom 4:19-20

Like Abraham, God wants us to set our dreams based on HIS abilities, not on our limited capacities. When setting our goals, let’s not consider our qualifications, but trust God who promised to be with us always. Then, let’s work on it with all our heart and soul no matter the approval ratings; against all odds.


THINK ABOUT IT (from Lat. meditari  “to meditate, think over, reflect, consider”)

What about your goals, are they limited to what you are able to accomplish? Can you find scriptures that show God’s abilities to achieve greater things for you? How can you improve your goals? Share your experience in limiting yourself or learning about limits that hinder faith.



Lord Jesus, you often told people to learn spiritual truths from the natural things. I thank you for showing me how to walk in faith despite reason and reality through Joey’s achievement. Give us courage and boldness to see beyond our limits and believe deeply in you. Amen.


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