Verse of the Day: One Command

For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself. Gal 5:14


When we are not motivated by love, we become critical of others. We stop looking for good in them and see only their faults.

Have you talked behind someone’s back? Have you focused on others’ shortcomings instead of their strengths? Remind yourself of Jesus’ command to love others as you love yourself. When you begin to feel critical of someone, make a list of that person’s positive qualities. If there are problems that need to be addressed, it is better to confront in love than to gossip. How tough is that?

As a Body of believers, each one of us is responsible for building the Kingdom of God. One important aspect in this process is being actively involved in building one another up. The church is a place where we should be built up – not hurt, broken down, and rejected.

God has given us the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit as tools to build one another up. They are not weapons, but tools. Remember, the Bible tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Use words of edification, encouragement and comfort to build up the faith of others. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit – don’t just go to church service and walk out. Speak to your brothers and sisters and God will reveal to you who needs to be built up. Use every event, whether spiritual or social, to edify someone.

May the sweet fellowship of the Spirit of God be your share.



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  1. annette kouamba November 15, 2013 — 04:58

    Bonjour stp Babeth peux traduire ce texte j’ai lu le texte mais je pense qu’il y a des choses importantes qui m’ont echappe en tout cas j’aimerai vraiment saisir la profondeur de cette parole merci encore

  2. Dr Floribert Akotshi November 21, 2013 — 09:22

    Bonjour Babeth! C’est vrai que facilement nous voyons le mauvais côté des autres oubliant qu’en eux il y a aussi des bonnes choses. Dans les murmures, les critiques, les idées pré-conçues, les jugements hatifs, on a vite fait de condamner alors que la parole de Dieu nous dit: Avant de voir la paille dans l’oeil de son voisin, il faut d’abord enlever la poutre dans son propre oeil. Aucun être humain n’est parfait. Le Seigneur Jésus Christ nous a donné le modèle de l’amour. Voilà pourquoi nous devons nous soutenir les uns les autres, surtout quand l’autre semble être faible.
    Merci de le rappeler.

    Dr F Akotshi

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