Faith Battle Patterns

Fight the good fight of the faith

1 Tim 6:32

Our battle of faith is usually against what we believe in.  Our faith is only challenged by what we already have a strong assurance of.  Often you will notice that the battle within us begins after we’ve been in a special spiritual season where we might have spent a lot of time praying and enjoying the presence of God.  Those times are the ones that increase the firmness of our faith because the Lord is more real to us on a personal level.

Every thing we ask for in prayer is tested but only AFTER we’ve prayed, asked, and believe in what we asked for.  It’s a pattern that we can recognize in the bible.  After Moses succeeding in leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, they yet had to be tested by wandering 40 years in wilderness. Even after that, they had to battle in order to conquer the land that they were already given, although the end was certain: VICTORY. (the books of Exodus and Joshua)


In the same manner, we see this pattern with Jesus (Luke 3-4).  After the Lord was baptized, the Spirit led him to the desert to be tempted by the devil, then he had to battle with the temptation of the flesh: he was hungry, the devil offered a way to get bread quickly. The devil further appealed to his senses by asking him to look at the land/riches. When you start looking with your physical eyes, you will most likely begin to get weaker. Same pattern.  When you look with your physical eyes, you see everything that the devil wants to give you.  Look with your faith, and you will see everything that God has in store for you, hallelujah! Making the switch from your looking through your physical eyes to looking through your faith, that is the very battle.


So, remember that the battle of our faith is through our physical senses, through the situations and circumstances that we face, but God has provided a way to conquer during all these battles between our spirit and our flesh: the WORD.

Next week… why is the WORD front and center in winning battles of faith?


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