After 3 weeks of vacation, with no internet access and plenty of family time, I am ready to re-start in a fast-paced lane.


I was trying to go through over 7,000 emails in my combined emails from gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. but stopped and realized that I could just delete them all and RE-START. There is no point, really, in trying to catch up.  I noticed that in life, playing catch up is often the wrong thing to do.  I should always be proactive, instead of always trying to catch up. It’s a bad habit. I spend so much time trying to understand what is already done and gone. That is precious time that I will not be able to get back.

This realization reminds me of a Bible verse that tells us that God’s goodness and mercy are renewed every morning. I understand it now. Why start from yesterday? Yesterday is gone, today I am a new person: fresh, clean, pure. I can re-start.

So, I am just deleting all emails…. I will not try to catch up, I am starting fresh. TODAY.


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