Who Are We Following ?

It amazes me how Jesus the Lord of lords and Kings did not ask His followers to serve Him. His definition of service is only described by this:

“going from place to place doing good and healing all those under the oppression of the devil” (Acts 10:38)

Unfortunately, that is no longer what is happening in the church organizations today. More and more, those leading the churches are out of reach. They seem to be served more than they serve.

The other day, I watched one man of God with poor children in Africa. He was among them and I blessed the Lord. At the same time however, a bitter feeling went through me when I thought about the fact that in his mega church here in the US most members have never met him that close.

Jesus is the epitome of leadership and he asked that disciples follow him. Whatever he does, that is what we ought to do and this is how the world will see Him through us.


His leadership model is not just about telling others what to do but ultimately showing them how to do it, hands on.

This leadership style is about carrying a cross: forgetting ourselves for others.

I pray that the Holy Spirit strengthens us in our inner being so that we can be true witnesses. Not merely in words, but in action because faith without works is dead (James 2:20)



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  1. There in lies the Sad truth, there are so many so called (leaders) today that are corrupt and all they want is for people to follow them. We have one so called leader here in the U.S. that is that way who started out as a Man of God only to turn corrupt and build a Mega church, once the Church got going Money corrupted his life, there is also a church hi in Wyoming, Mi. where they have put in basically turned it in to church and a place of gathering with pop, coffee, electric guitar, bass drums, and they are playing alot of secular music.

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