Thanks for Little Angels

When I got laid off from my Accounting job in 2001, I went through the hardest times of my life. I found myself with three beautiful babies and not sure where to spend the night, what to eat and with absolutely no clue about what to do next. I wanted to quit everything and run back to my dad and mom in Mozambique.

One day my dad said to me that my children needed nothing else in this world but me in order to be happy. So I started focusing on them. The big smiles on their faces when I would pick them up from the babysitter. I loved to see them play together, so much laughter and so much joy. They had no idea of the storm that we were going through. That’s what caused me to survive, and to find strength and hang on.

God has a something great for you. Hold on and don’t give up on your life. Maybe all you need right now is to change your perspective and stop focusing on your problem and on how to solve it. God will make a way, so get ready by finding your joy today in your little angels. Thank you Lord. Amen.



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