Thanks for Happiness

I woke up to find that I had fallen asleep on the couch. It was Friday evening, which means that I should have been getting ready for prayer meeting. Then I remembered that we were actually waiting for my 16 year old high school varsity football player to return from his game.

I looked around and saw my husband Brice and our baby Yasha also asleep a little further on the couch. A surge of warmth filled my heart with joy. What a beautiful moment. my heart just bursted in praise to God. This is what I thank Him for every day. The happiness of being surrounded by love.

In this Thanksgiving season, I just like to remember that God, my maker, loves me unconditionally. I also remember during this wonderful season until the new year, that most importantly, God is available to me day in and day out to love, to comfort, to advice, and to provide. No appointment necessary. I give Him honor and glory for that. Amen.



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